Custom Fabricated Products

Eggelhof is the largest stocking distributor for 3M Purification (Cuno) in the United States. We can provide aftermarket filters in place of OEM filters with huge cost savings.

temp cones
custom strainer

  • Custom Filter Vessels

    Eggelhof works with a wide variety of customers and applications to meet specific needs. Whether it be high temperature, high pressure, exotic metals, or custom configuration, Eggelhof has solutions to meet the most challenging applications.

  • Custom Strainers, Baskets, and Cones

    Eggelhof is your source for custom fabricated pipe line strainers. We provide a wide variety of temporary cones (witches hats) and truncated cones (leprechaun hats) in all sizes, pressures, materials and mesh sizes. We also do large sizes such as 16″, 18″, 24″ etc.

  • Custom Oil Filtration Skids

    Eggelhof can meet unique customer needs for oil purification skids, coalescing and particulate filters skids. More information.

For a quote on custom fabricated equipment contact your nearest sales office.