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Whether it’s valves, gauges, expansion joints, hydronic specialties, or other plant equipment and piping products you need, Eggelhof Incorporated wants to serve you. Please review our listing of products available in your area. For further information, please contact your local office.

Plant and Piping Equipment

Adsco Mfg. Co. – Pipeline metal packless and packed type expansion joints and guides

Archon Industries, Inc. – Wash Stations, Sight glasses, Level Gauges, Sight Flow Indicators, Manways and Tank components

Badger Meter – Process & water meters

Cla-Val – Water automatic control valves, backflow preventers

Custom Equipment – Filter vessels and strainers built to customer specifications. More information.

Differential Pressure Plus – Differential gauges and indicators. More information.

EGC – Teflon expansion joints

John C. Ernst – Sight glasses, sight flow indicators, flow meters, level & flow switches

J & L Sheet Metal – Strainer screens & baskets

Kunkle Valve, Inc. – Safety & relief valves. More information.

LAM Valves – Certified Kunkle relief valve assembler ASME and VR certified. More information.

Mueller / Titan – Wye type strainers, simplex/duplex strainers, check valves

Oil Purification Group (OPG) – Vacuum dehydrators, filter carts, and filtration skids. Sales or rentals. More information.

SPC Sorbents – Water/petroleum absorbents

Trerice / Dwyer Instruments – Pressure gauges, thermometers (industrial & bimetal) & accessories

Van Air – Compressed air and gas filters, dryers

Watts Regulator – Water backflow preventers & hydronic specialties

Van Air Dryer

Whether it is custom fabricated equipment, rentals, or shipping from our large inventory in 12 locations, we pride ourselves on listening to customers’ needs and providing lasting cost effective solutions. Contact us for more information.