Steam Relief Valve

Eggelhof  has a complete line of plant steam equipment to handle all of our customers’ needs.

Steam Specialties

Watson McDaniel – Steam traps, pressure and temperature control valves and regulators, steam pumps and liquid drainers

Kunkle – Relief valves for steam, liquids and gasses. Authorized ASME assembler and calibrator.   More information.

Penn Separator – Blowdown separators, exhaust heads, and mufflers

Sterling – Condensate recovery systems, traps, and control valves

Titan – Wye, basket, and T pipeline strainers for contaminant removal

Everlasting – Boiler blowdown valves

Trerice – Gauges and  thermometers

John C. Ernst – Sight indicators and  liquid levels

Misc – Expansion joints, flexible connectors, and pipe guides


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